Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Did this pic scare you? Wahahaha. I won't be celebrating Halloween in Singapore this year...... 

Didnt do much today, went to Aunt's place (: Took some pics 

Till the next post ~ 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Top Shop craze

Met Lindsay today, to mail some parcels and etc. It started to rain really heavily which was fucked up becuz my new platforms got all wet and Linz' umbrella was totally flapping cuz the wind was so strong. 

So we took shelter in Tampines 1, did the usual girl stuff like go SaSa and Watsons and Daiso. 

Then we had this great idea to take our ootds in Top Shop. Wearing their clothes. For free. >:-) 

Felt so sneaky when we chose the clothes to 'try on' and camwhore in hahaha :-P I only took one outfit cuz I was scared the staff scolded us LOL 

Chose the fluffiest pink bear sweater which was retailing at $79 and a gorgeous black quilted skirt which was retailing about $80 ish. And the jacket was more than $200. 

While we were changing, I was really damn nervous cuz its like we're totally not gonna be buying anything and only using their clothes to camwhore. So I was whispering to Lindsay all the way. =_=

Super love how pretty Lindsay looks in this one. 

Anyway enjoyed the cold rainy afternoon with Lindsay and babe can't wait to meet you up again soon :-* 

And.... about Lindsay and I, she's my secondary school junior, my friend's girlfriend. LOL. Somehow I always get along well with my mates' girlfriends. 

I'm still editing the pics from me and Lindsay's shoot with Asian Impression's photographer and Boong so bear with me! Will post them up soon~ Till then(: 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekend haul

Hiii I have been so busy this weekend finally managed to find time for a quick post now (: 

Bought some new babies for my feet and decided to show my female readers 

As most of you would know, I only go for comfortable foot-wear, so no stilettos, no heels or uncomfortable chunky wedges / heels for me. But it's kind of hard to look really fashionable when you're in slippers or boring looking shoes. 

So I was pretty pleased to find this pair of awesome high cut floral sneakers omgosh so much love for floral stuffs. Pretty right!? I got it for below $20! I have like 10 pairs of sneakers or shoes altogether now hahaha their my basics cuz they look way better than slippers and more comfortable than sandals imo. 

Second buy, was just earlier this evening at Century Square. went out for awhile alone to get some stuff from Daiso (eyebrow pencil there is great) and decided to go look around in Century Square. 

ANNNNDDDDDD while I was passing by Giovanna (level 2 located by escalator) this big stand there displaying their $10 stuff like sandals and slippers and often, those aren't really nice. But I saw a pair of punk looking sandals which was quite cute and wanted to try it on. 

Sadly they didn't have my size for that design BUTTTTT

I saw other $10 stuff like this pretty pair of platform shoes (it's pastel pink but the filter I used sort of whitened it :/ it looks nicer on my phone tho) 

And I super love it cuz it looks like Japanese, like what shops like Lowry's farm and all that will sell at like $100++ 

The sides!
I'm hoping this can last for awhile cuz i really like the design and colour

And the best buy of the day from Giovanna was this pair of wedges!
I hate wearing anything that has a heel (sorry not an expert in shoes so everything is just like 'shoes'  to me) But this was uber comfortable it doesn't even feel like it's a pair of chunky wedges. 

My sister tried it on and went like "I buy from you??" and I was like, okay, sell you for $50. HAHA. Ya she likes it too and going to get the same one tomorrow WAHAHA. It really feels so great wearing them totally like wearing slippers but way cooler than slippers. 

AND it has velcro not buckles so it's super easy to wear too ;-P 

So go visit Giovanna (Century Square, Tampines) they've got alot of pretty shoes! Swear! From sandals to heels to boots and wedges. I got 2 other pairs but they aren't $10 so I'm not posting them up. 

You don't have to spend a bomb to look good - that's what I always believe. And those who spend a bomb may not necessarily look like what they paid either hehe. 

Even Lindsay also commented on my ability to find comfortable shoes hahaha... 

Becuz yesterday at our photoshoot, the 2 heels she brought along were totally cutting into her ankle and it was bleeding :/ 

So after persuading her, she wore the wedges I brought along (I was wearing slippers and only changed into wedges for pics) and she was like "OMG this is so comfortable! It doesn't even feel like wedges lor, so nice to wear" 

SEE WHAT I MEAN. I always choose comfort over beauty and its not as if my wedges are ugly, and I bought them at $12 only >:-) and she wore my wedges home so Lindsay if you see this, you owe me one. 

The famous wedges 
(oh and I will do a blogpost about our shoot soon, waiting for more pics!) 


AND AND AND I'll be going overseas next week, guess where? :-P 

Till the next post and many virtual kisses ~

Thursday, October 24, 2013

S.E.A. Aquarium

I always need a good and heavy breakfast, then I can skip meals for the rest of the day. 

Random fact  bout me: Longest I've gone without food was 3 days cuz I was just too lazy to leave the house to buy food. ._." I should just shoot myself right?

Anw, In secondary school, my classmates and I will discuss what breakfast we had. Most of them usual have like bread or biscuits for breakfast... And i'd be like, oh I had sushi (my dad will buy from NTUC the night before) or tom yum cup noodles for breakfast. 

Their reaction is always like that:

So what I had for breakfast today is coffee (must be very sweet, can't stand bitter stuff. Yes, like seriously. I hate 'BITTER' I've never ever tried bitter gourd before in my life just because it has the word 'bitter' in it's name. So Im still not sure if it's really bitter or it's just the name), egg sandwiches and cheese fries ^.^ 

And after that........... Sentosa! Took a cab there - I don't usually take cabs but can't be bothered to take a train whenever I go Sentosa, it really is just a bloody waste of time, have to change like 3 trains and still got to take the other train into sentosa. 

I so miss all the beach clubs at Sentosa beach, time to go there soon and show y├íll my fav places on Sentosa beach. 

Today I went to S.E.A. Aquarium tho 

Some exhibit which I didn't really bother looking at 

And the entrance of the aquarium 

I wish I would have the opportunity to dive one day!

By the way, I bet most of you don't know this, but Im a really good swimmer. I have up to a Life Saving 3 cert in swimming and almost wanted to take up a course to be a lifeguard but changed my mind. 

Am not so healthy nowadays cuz I m a really heavy smoker but I still swim every now and then. And no, not in bikini, but a really nerdy swim suit with those silicon swimmers cap so I look like I'm bald; and goggles too so I look like a bald frog. :-l 

Transparent floor so we could look down below at the sting rays and other thingys 

Felt kind of weird, like I was just going to drop through the glass into the tank
My mum said she felt the same way so I guess weirdness runs in the family 

Super love this shot! 

Whats this? The touch pool? 

You'd never guess what this is! 

Those are... 
Cool right!?? I thought it was a plant 

Dolphin :-D 

Felt so hungry when I saw this crabs D: 

And one of my favorite sea creature, the jelly fish!
Feel so excited whenever there is a display of jelly fishes 
Always feel amazed by the little details on their bodies and the way it swims gracefully in the water.

Has to be my favorite shot of the day, spent 10 mins trying to capture a really clear pic but it kept moving so was really happy I got such a great pic of it. 

Sooooooooooo pretty right!? 
Now you see what I mean when I say I always feel awed by jelly fishes? 

Lol clown fishes! 
I always think of Nemo whenever I see these fishes 
Don't lie, I bet everyone does. 

Dory :-P 

Pretty neon pink and yellow fish! 

Artsy shot of the day 

And that's the end of my visit there. Actually tbh I didn't find it very interesting maybe cuz I'd already been to Underwater world twice recently 

But was excited to see an icecream shop at the exit hahaah look at all the yummy treats :D 


And I just thought this octupus was so cute. 

Gonna be busy tomorrow but will update over the weekend!! And thanks for reading (: