Saturday, April 26, 2014

NANO Japan Hyaluron & Collagen2

So recently I tried this new product:

NANO Japan Hyaluron & Collagen2 

It is the latest upgraded beauty collagen drink from Japan, you know how Japanese women have such fair and smooth skin? I've always coveted blemish free and fair skin, so I was really excited to try out this product knowing it's from Japan. 

NANO Collagen is said to be the ultimate beauty drink for everyone who wishes to maintain their youthful looks, and has health anti-aging benefits. 

I like that this is a luxury product and yet functional at the same time and I learnt that the formula took 6 years to fully develop and come to perfection. That is a looong time!


Just as how a baby needs to drink its nutritious milk and an elderly needs to drink formulated milk for heart health and bones strength, NANO Collagen is the ultimate beauty drink for everyone who wants to look as young as now, 20 years from now. It is recommended for those between 20 years old to 50 years old to drink NANO Collagen for the best beauty and health anti-aging benefits. 

It is also made from the highest quality of active ingredients and also has the highest amount (5,500mg) of collagen peptide in every (7gm) scoop for everyday anti-aging skin enhancement.

Adding to that, it contains
-Hyaluron and Vitamin C for whitening effects;
-CoQ10 and Royal Jelly extract for cells repair and anti-oxidant properties;
-Elastin for firming of skin, breast;
-Biotin for hair/scalp strengthening; and last but not least, 
-Lactic Acid Bacteria for digestion plus constipation prevention (the bloated feeling that can be a pain to many people) 

With so many health benefits, adding to the beauty benefit, I am more than willing to consume this drink every day! My mom constantly nags me to wear foundation that protects my skin from the sun, or carry an umbrella, because you know how the sun does damage on your skin in the long term? But now, with NANO Collagen, I feel that this is my secret to protecting my skin from within, and it's not just temporary, it's for the long term! 


NANO Collagen also use only natural ingredients and is tested by Japan Food Research Laboratory and the Singapore AVA Food Safety Lab to be of above safety and quality standards. Furthermore, NANO Collagen does not use any pig or shell-sources derivatives and is also certified HALAL by the Islamic Food Research Council, Malaysia and HK to be suitable for Muslims! 

It is a product meant for every one to enjoy it's benefits. 

How to take NANO Collagen: 

One can will last the user up to 35 days, at one scoop a day. You can also take it anytime and it can be added to any of your favorite beverages and soups. (except fizzy drinks, alcohol beverages and medicated products) 

I would recommend mixing it in milky drinks like milo and hot chocolate, it tastes just a little sweet without any hint of the "fishy" smell of collagen products because NANO Collagen invested a patented biotechnology to remove the "fishy"smell and "nanoized" the powder to half the particle size of other collagen powders for faster dissolving and body absorption. 

NANO Collagen is 100% made in Japan and is currently available in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore only, it is the NUMBER 1 Best Selling Collagen in Qoo10!!! 

The ingredients are best in the market, containing hyaluron, elastin, biotin, lactic acid bacteria, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, CoQ10, and Hatogumi extract as mentioned above.  

Keep your skin healthy and improve it with NANO Collagen today, maintain your youthful looks. 

Many Asian customers purchase this product from Singapore via Qoo10, you can purchase it from the following online stores below! 

Try it out for yourself now and keep your skin glowing, and healthy! :))


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  2. You told that it is only available in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. But when it will be available in worldwide so that we can buy it? I really convinced by the description of your product.